A Look at the Different Cause of Stress at Work

Stress at Work

One of the most common things that have to be faced and battled by a working professional in their daily life is stress. While there are many people who would provide many tips to get rid of stress, it is important that you know the various factors that causes the stress in someone’s life. As you know about the various factors leading to stress, you would automatically be able to chalk out the solution of how to get rid of the stress that is affecting your mental as well as your physical health.

Workload is a major cause

In the rat race that most people get themselves indulged in at the workplace, it is very obvious that they are required to take up huge amount of pressure owing to added workloads. When you add unrealistic deadlines to this tremendous work pressure, you are required to spend long hours at work which further adds to the stress and the final outcome that you get is nothing but a totally stressed out life.
While heavy workload is certainly one of the major reasons of stress at work, there are also cases where in less work causes stress. Less work at workplace gives the individual a sense of inferiority complex about his personality or skills which could trigger a lot of stress in his life.

Interpersonal differences

There could be people at the workplace who are too dominating by nature and if you have to work with them directly, it could cause a lot of stress at work. There could be instances where introvert employees get dominated and bullied by seniors or other outspoken employees which causes these poor people to get stressed.
In addition to the mental harassment, discrimination from seniors at work could also be one of the major reasons for stress. When someone would see that irrespective of putting in similar or more efforts, their work is getting overshadowed just because the seniors are being discriminative, it causes a lot of dissatisfaction and stress as well.

Fear of getting terminated

This is one reason which troubles most working professionals unless they are sure that they are an indispensable part of the organization. The phobia of getting terminated causes unbearable stress to the employees. This fear is caused due to many reasons, which include but is not limited to not being able to understand the work and hence not able to deliver as per the expectations, not performing due to mismatch in skill sets, and unfriendly pool of senior staffs at work.

Public speaking causes stress at work too

There are many people who are born speakers and can speak very well in meetings and gathering. There are another type of people, who may be very good at their work, but when it comes to public speaking they prefer taking the back seat. If these people are required to give a presentation or attend a review meeting with the seniors of the company, they feel utterly stressed out as they shudder at the idea of talking in the public.