How You Can Choose A Mood

choose a mood

One of the most important skills of emotional intelligence is having the ability to learn how to choose a mood for a situation. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can easily control it if you know how. If you ask the experts, they would tell that the right mood plus the right mindset will give you a huge advantage in anything that you’re doing.

Moods are simply emotions you feel while a mindset refers to the thoughts and ideas that accompany an emotion. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to separate mindset from mood because the two go hand in hand.

To choose a mood that best suits your situation; you can do all or either of the following two things:

  1. Find ways of getting into the best mood
  2. Find ways to get out of any unhelpful mood

In the meantime, let’s focus on how to choose a mood by getting out of any unhelpful one. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to go about that. Just read on to find out how.

First, you need to stay positive to help get out of an unhelpful mood. When you’re sure that you’re positive, then you can try the following tips:

Break your train of thought

It’s obvious that your thought process is keeping your bad mood alive. For that reason, you need to do something to break or distract that train of thought. Try doing something that would distract yourself so that you interfere with your thought process that’s keeping your unhelpful mood going.

For instance, you can play some computer games or simply look through your window for a few minutes and focus on what’s going on outside. Distractions will actually create spaces between your moods and reboot your mind. Try making them something you enjoy doing.

Move around

Changing your posture is another effective way of getting out of unhelpful mood. If you’re sitting, stand up and do something. Stretch or walk around the room for a few minutes. Do some jumping jacks or go for some drinking water. In simple terms, moving your body changes both your mindset and mood.

Calm down

If you’re having an unhelpful mood and you want to change it, just sit down quietly, breathe gently and try to focus on each breath. Focusing on feeling calm, this will help you avoid wondering back to unhelpful mood that you’re trying to change.

If I had to give one more piece of advice, it is to believe that you can change your mood. Your mind controls your reality – you have the power to do anything you set it to. I truly hope this helped you or someone you may know!

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