Habits That Can Make You Unhappy

bad habits

It’s true that circumstances can make you unhappy. However, those circumstances only contribute to a smaller part because the biggest part of your happiness comes from your own thinking, behaviour and bad habits. Today, I thought it would be useful if I share with you some of the most destructive and bad habits that can make you unhappy.

Comparing yourself with other people

One of the most common and destructive and bad habits that can make you unhappy is comparing yourself with other people. The truth is that some people are several miles ahead of you and comparing yourself with them will only make you feel worthless. When you compare the social standards and physical appearance and so on, you’ll probably punch your self-esteem to the ground. You’ll create a lot of negative feelings and it’s actually a perfect way to create unhappiness both within and in your small world.
Instead, compare yourself to yourself by trying to see how much you’ve grown and what you have achieved. Again, be kind to people and avoid judging or criticizing people because the more you do, the more you’ll also judge and criticize yourself, which will only make you unhappy.

Wanting to be perfect

Many people out there tend to think that perfection brings happiness. Do you really have to be perfect in your behaviour and in what you do for you to be happy? The answer is a resounding NO! You’re probably unhappy because you’re setting the bar for your performance too high or at an inhuman level.

When you aim for perfection, the surest outcome is that you’re not going to see that what you’re doing is good enough to make you happy. Because you’re not going to get what you call excellent results more often, you’ll always consider yourself as a failure, which will lower your self-esteem.
If you want to be happy, you should set more realistic goals, instead of being perfect, to just be happy.

Listening to negative voices

It would be very hard to be happy if what you read, the people you talk and socialize with are all feeding your ears with negative messages and information. Be careful about the messages you feed yourself with because they will go down into determining how you feel and think. If you listen constantly to voices that only see the negative side of the world, then happiness will be very hard to find.
If you want to be happy, you must replace all those negative voices with positive ones and you’ll be surprised how a new world of happiness will open up. What you need to do is to start spending time with people who are more positive. Listen to inspiring music, read inspiring books, watch positive movies and TV-shows that will make you laugh. A positive social environment can make you think about life in a completely new way.

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