Nice to meet you..

I’m James Corneille, an Irish 18 y/o entrepreneur. I’m very passionate & determined about the work I do. I mixed two of my passions – entrepreneurship & changing the world to create this social movement. The world can always do with more positivity.

This is the first big move of many I plan to make to change the world in positive ways as much as I can.

I started off my career at a very young age, in tech. I spent most of my childhood around computers so I messed around with them. I figured website, app, game, etc, competitions were the way to get further in my career. To date I’ve been awarded 18, which is really cool, but over the years I’ve moved away from tech and much more towards entrepreneurship.

This is where my true passion is. Even at a young age, I’ve always had near delusional dreams of changing the world, and making a huge difference. I believe in all that overused quote type stuff.

“Dreams can become true if you work for it, anything is possible, the crazy ones are the ones who make the most change” are the first that come to mind.

These sayings are popular because they’re very true, and I’m proving that by making mine come true. You can too, really (Use this very long intro text to me as your motivation to start, if you haven’t already!).

Spread Positivity

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You can connect with me personally on my social channels and website below (I’m most active on my Twitter!).

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